What Is The Average Cost to Build a Custom Home In 2020?

What Is The Average Cost to Build a Custom Home In 2020?

What Is The Average Cost to Build a Custom Home In 2020?

There is one major question that looms over the heads of everyone when they are thinking about building a custom home, whether it was back in the day or right in the middle of 2020, and that is: what is the average cost to build a custom home? While it is a fantastic question to ask, and ultimately a very important one to know the answer to, getting a clear cut answer can be a little more tricky.

Ultimately, the cost of building a custom home in 2020 comes down to a multitude of factors such as what style of home are you looking to build (ranch, two-story, split-level?); what type of square footage are you looking for?; How many bedrooms do you need? How about bathrooms?; Do you need a two-car garage? 

And these are just the simple questions that need to be answered, once you start to factor in things like brick, wood or aluminum siding, or different types of cabinetry you want, things can get very complicated, and with complicated design comes higher costs.

Pricing For a Basic Custom Build

One of the best ways to get a good general idea of how much building a custom home in 2020 will run you is by pricing out the cost of a basic custom build. 

With a basic model we will look at a no frills home of average size. Consider a ranch-style home that consists of three bedrooms, two baths, with an open living room concept and vaulted ceilings. 

A house around 1,650 sq ft with a 2 car garage and a small patio in the back might run on average around $280,000 to build.

One thing that is very important to keep in mind even with this “basic” custom built home layout is that the price always fluctuates. Some contractors will offer a low base price that is very attractive to potential customers, but as the job goes on the price slowly starts to grow thanks to hidden or unexpected costs and fees piling up. Before too long, your $280,000 home is a lot more expensive if you use the wrong contractor.

Keep The Dream Alive

While the price or building your own custom home in 2020 is hard to outright estimate without knowing any specific information, it is important to keep in mind that when working with the right contractor building your own custom home can still be a dream worth pursuing. 

One thing to look for when working with a contractor on a custom home is the often forgotten element: Fees.

When it comes to building a home there are a lot of “hidden fees” that are not always talked about from the get go. These can make the price of your build skyrocket as it goes on.

When you are working with a good contractor they will be upfront and transparent with the fees that come with things like building permits, excavations, as well as all of the little costs that add up when doing the finishing touches around the home, driveway and even landscaping. Build site cleanup can also become a large cost at the end of the job that is often not talked about during the beginning negotiations and quoting. 

A Trustworthy Contractor 

The key to making sure that your custom home is built within a reasonable time and on budget, it’s important to make sure you are starting the project off with the right contractor! Contact us today at Rodeo Construction for more information on the average cost to build a custom home, we’ll get the ball rolling on the home of your dreams!

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