Pros and Cons of Open Bath Storage

Pros and Cons of Open Bath Storage

Pros and Cons of Open Bath Storage

Storage is one of the most important aspects of any home remodel or redesign, no matter what room or area in the house is being redone. So, it comes as no surprise that taking storage into mind when remodelling your bathroom is key! You have to make sure that your new remodel, or redesign is able to serve your functional needs, as well as a mesh with the aesthetic that you are looking to achieve. If you do not keep these things in mind, then the entire flow of your bathroom suffers. Functional is fashionable when it comes to bathroom remodels. This means keeping things clean and free of clutter.  One of the ways function and design are being married recently is through the concept of open bath storage. Whether it is in kitchens or bathrooms, this style helps provide an open, airy aura to any room. However, this style can also cause a little bit more maintenance for you around the house. 

Here is a look at the pros and cons of open storage in the bathroom! 

The Pros

Awkward spaces: One of the best things about open shelving is that it is a fantastic way to fill up those awkward gaps and spaces that can pop up with bathroom design and layouts. Where closed cabinets can look stuffed into place, or overcrowded, open shelving allows for an airy feel that will give you space for everything from towels, candles and even books. You can add more flares of your design by painting the wall behind your open shelves to add a pop of colour. 

Niche shelving: A great way to fully maximize all of the storage potentials that hides within the walls of your bathroom, niche shelving can work with almost any recess within your walls by filling them with built-in shelves. These are best incorporated around your bathtub or shower in order to store all of your showering essentials closeby. 

The lighter side of things: Incorporating glass shelves is a fantastic way to add a little more light into your bathroom redesign. Because glass is reflective, it sends light bouncing all around your room, adding a more bright and relaxing appeal. A bonus of glass shelves is that they can be applied to almost any style or design because they are colourless and can be blended in perfectly. 

Keeping it simple: Minimalist spa-style is a very trendy bathroom design right now. You can add to this style by adding floating natural wood shelves to your “home spa.” This open storage solution is perfect for adding the feeling of a spa getaway right in your own home.

The Cons

Watch for humidity: While it looks smart and can add a spa-like feel to your home, open shelving can also leave your items vulnerable to the ever-changing humidity levels of a bathroom. Usually, cabinet doors would provide a level of protection against this humidity. However, the best solution for doing away with humidity issues is by making sure you have the proper ventilation system for your space. 

Cords upon cords: One of the benefits of closed storage is that you are able to hide outlets and cords for all of your bathroom electronic devices. But, when it comes to open storage, this type of creative hiding is not really an option.

More to clean: With open storage, you are giving yourself a lot more space that needs to be kept organized and cleaned. With it being in a bathroom, there will be a lot of cleaning and dusting needed in order to keep everything fresh, and looking its best. 

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