Top Countertop Materials

Top Countertop Materials

Top Countertop Materials 

One of the most remodelled rooms in homes is the kitchen, and now with all of the exciting and new countertop trends on the market, there are even more ways for you to accomplish your ultimate dream kitchen than ever before. No matter what your design goals are for your dream kitchen, you will be able to achieve them with the countless functional and beautiful countertop options available on the market. Here is a quick look at some of the top countertop materials, so you can find the best solution for your dream kitchen remodelling project!


This revolutionary countertop material is very strong, but has a very thin profile when compared to other materials on the countertop market. This countertop material can also come in many different colors, which is great for greeting unique looking, interesting spaces within the kitchen. However, because Dekton countertops are so strong, this is also a great option if you are looking to design an outdoor kitchen space. 


Quickly becoming something of classic material, granite is still one of the most popular materials when it comes to kitchen countertops thanks to its natural beauty, low maintenance and its long-lasting durability. There are many different variations of color and movement when it comes to granite, which means that this material is far from a common refrain, no matter how popular it is. Granite countertops can be used within many different aspects of your home while giving off a totally different personality in each use. The strength and beauty of granite countertops mean they will last you for a very long time and look beautiful all the while. 


For a sleek, clean-looking modern kitchen, a lot of people are turning to glass for their countertop needs. This material can be back-painted in order to add a splash of color where needed or even used as a backsplash for some extra character in the kitchen. Some modern kitchens are using glass countertops as a way to incorporate computers or media devices right into the counters for a high-tech modern kitchen touch.


A very sharp looking man-made quartz countertop material, Silestone can have a very marble-like look without all of the downsides that come with having an actual marble countertop installed in your kitchen. 


A lot of people are looking for a more rustic, natural look in their homes and a dark walnut countertop is the best way to bring this element into the kitchen. Perfect for islands or small sections of counters (living cutting boards), wood is the best way to add a touch of tradition into your modern kitchen. 


Perfect for those who want a variation of color, or to have integrated sinks, concrete can be moulded into any shape you need. It is also perfectly suited to having glass or wood elements inset into the counter. This material is perfect for a lot of custom jobs, as it is easy to shape this material to fit any space challenge your kitchen may have. 


For those looking to reduce their home’s carbon footprint and be a little more environmentally conscious, paperstone may be the best material on the market for your dream home’s countertops. This material is a sustainable composite that is made up of 100 percent recycled paper, resins, phenolic, and natural pigments. This is the perfect material for those looking to have a sustainable kitchen. 

Semi-Precious Stones

Agate and other semi-precious stones are perfect for islands or a back-lit bar section of your kitchen countertop. This material is able to give your counters a very unique, contemporary feeling in the kitchen, but can also be used to give a classic look in bathrooms (think backlit onyx.) 

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