Solar Flower

A solar flower is an all-in-one ground-mounted solar system with a tracker that follows the sun. However, it doesn't look like the solar panels you might be used to. This produces significantly more energy.
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Solar Flower Installation

Looking for a way to access solar power without installing bulky panels onto your roof? Can’t install panels because the slope of your roof is not conducive for it? No worries, look no further than the revolutionary Solar Flower installation! This innovative new product resembles a blooming flower collecting the sun’s energy, instead its an array of solar panels assembled on a cylindrical structure; the catch is that the panels are programmed to follow the sun’s rays as the day progresses. Normal roof mounted solar panels are stuck in a fixed position, if the angle of the sun changes throughout the course of the day, they are unable to compensate for this and adjust appropriately. The solar flower bypasses this problem entirely; it has the dual advantages of taking a stress load off your roof and producing more energy than normal panels.

Roof mounted solar panels are bulky and cumbersome, when time comes for maintenance it is often much more time consuming and dangerous to climb the roof to perform repairs; this translates directly into more money spent on service calls. The solar flower is much easier to perform maintenance on, our crew simply needs to walk up and work on the panels!

At Rodeo Construction we are always looking for innovative new ways and products to implement that offer better value to our custom home building clients. With over 14 years of experience building custom homes and installing solar panels in New Mexico, you can trust us as industry experts and leaders! Our experienced contractors have seen it all and are prepared to work in a variety of situations! Let us create the perfect solar solution for you, contact us today for more information!

solar flower installation
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