Santa Fe, NM - The City Different

Santa Fe is best described as a cultural lightshow casting it’s glow over the surrounding high desert of New Mexico. Arts and culture is ingrained into the fiber and being of the city; from the thousands of years of native culture that flourished here to the modern day art migrations of the late 1800s to now, Santa Fe has developed one of the most unique and colorful cultures of any city in America. Santa Fe is always bustling with activity, there are a plethora of things to keep a family occupied for years! Summer time here is festival and market season, head on the weekend to one of the many morning markets for an endless variety of food from trucks and vendors to try! Switch from that to purveying art of all forms; jewelry, paintings, draperies, and accessories are just a few the things you may encounter while out! Santa Fe is also a mecca for southwest ski lodges; luckily the city experiences 4 vibrant seasons so the surrounding geography makes it a great spot to head down the slopes.


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