Rio Rancho, NM - The City of Vision

Rio Rancho has been recognized as the fastest growing city in the state of New Mexico, if not one of the fastest in the Southwest! Sitting around a 5000ft elevation, New Mexico’s third largest city is an easy 10 mile, 25 minute drive from the largest city of Albuquerque. Consistently ranking high in livability, low in crime rates, and touted as an amazing place to raise kids; it’s a no brainer why custom home building is such a thriving area in this part of the state! Rio Rancho has a little something for everyone; from year round trips to the country club for a couple holes for golf heads to hitting the slopes and shredding a few courses for lovers of the mountains and skiing, Rio Rancho is truly a versatile place. The local scenery for hiking is almost incomparable to the rest of the country; New Mexico has countless great trials with amazing scenery and history, Rio Rancho is no exception to this rule!

Starting a new family? Need a bigger house for future potential family members? Just tired of your current home and want to build the house of your dreams with your loved one? Look no further than Rodeo Construction! We’ve been in the business of creating dream homes in Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe since 2007; we know our stuff! Everything at Rodeo Construction is in house, from the floor plan put together by the design team to the movers that put you in the perfected, finished product, we do it all! Choose from one of our in house custom floor plans and build it to your heart’s content! Rodeo Construction is in the business of building exactly what their clients want, let us build you the house of your dreams today, contact us for a free quote!

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