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Arcadia Patios 

For many Americans, having a patio in their backyard is either a reality or a dream, so many beautiful custom homes have the needed space to install one of these lovely wooden projects and they are perfect for hosting guests and gatherings or just for leisure and relaxation. However, New Mexico tends to have a high amount of sunny days on average, it can get sweltering quickly in many of the state’s hotter areas. What is the solution to this problem? An arcadia patio using a louvered roof system! These innovative new designs are taking the outdoor decoration world by storm thanks to their combined looks and functionality.

What is a Louvered Roof?

A louvered roof is unique among patio covering structures. Awnings can only be kept opened or closed, however a louvred roof can open at many different angles in between! This allows you to find the perfect angle to suit the heat and sunlight for that particular time of day! Many louvered roof systems can be programmed to smartphone applications to make changing the degree of the louvers as easy as clicking a button on your phone! You can even set multiple presets for whatever the situation requires! The best way to imagine how a louvered roof works is to examine an everyday pair of indoor blinds. You can adjust your blinds to allow in different amounts of sunlight to suit your purposes; louvered roofs for arcadia patios work exactly the same way. These patio coverings are also extremely customizable as well!

An amazing idea for louvered roofs is for use above pools! Instead of screening in a pool, why not consider leaving it open and using an arcadia louvered roof system attached to your home to cover it? Extremely stylish and functional, you’ll be able to use your outdoor pool in any weather and any time of day!

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Building beautiful custom homes since 2006, Rodeo Construction is New Mexico’s premier custom home builders! We aim to simplify the process by condensing the amount of people you’ll need to get your custom home built, we’re your one stop shop. We offer design, reality, and can even get you moved into the house of your dreams today! We have over 70 custom floor plans to get you started on conceptualizing your new home. Not a fan? Build off one to your heart’s content! Our professional, experienced contractors have years of experience under their belt. When working on a new home for a growing family, or that dream home you’ve wanted since you were a child, you cannot afford any mistakes. Rodeo Construction understands this, we aim to have every project completed better than the last; we strive for perfection in the custom home building industry. Leverage our years of experience for you and your family today. Contact us for a quote on your dream home today!

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