Home Remodeling and Re-Imaging

Rodeo Construction has been in operation in New Mexico since 2007, with 13 years of experience in constructing beautiful custom homes in the state we’d like to say we’re qualified to take on your home remodeling project today! 
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Home Remodeling and Re-Imaging

Homes change as people change, what we originally wanted or had designed may not be our same desire as the years go home. Families change all the time; we have children or we lose them as they go off to school, the amount of living space needed from a house can change over the time of its lifespan! Sometimes other wants come up as well, maybe you did not realize that you wanted to add an intricate wooden patio to your backyard when you were going over the blueprints with your custom home builder. Pools, hot tubs, bathroom remodels, appliance changes; home remodeling comes in many different shapes and sizes! People get different rooms and aspects of their home’s remodeled all the time, when your time comes it’s important to know what businesses you can trust get the job done right, the first time! Below is a list of rooms and house features that we regularly take on home remodeling jobs for!

Bathroom Renovation

We may not realize it, but we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms! There are so many different ways that you can bring these spaces up to par with the rest of your home depending on the size! For smaller bathrooms or half-baths we love to remodel for practicality and functionality, who doesn’t love a useful bathroom? Every bathroom size has the optimal toilet size, let us figure this out for you! In addition, a new innovative toilet design can be a blessing in disguise as well! Newer toilets have so many additions added for functionality and efficiency, from bidets that can help you can on toilet paper costs to better designs that actually save on water, and upgraded toilets can be a relief on your wallet! Larger, master bathrooms deserve more of a luxury treatment, let us handle the remodel and we can help create the perfect in house spa for your relaxation needs! 

Kitchen Remodels

Everyone appreciates a beautiful and functional kitchen; we love to design them! Our team of experienced designers can give you great advice on whatever kitchen remodel you may want! From opening up your kitchen space with a beautiful marble island, to replacing your old appliances and sprucing them up with beautiful stainless steel replacements, Rodeo Construction has handled it all!

Backyard Projects

What family wouldn’t love a newly updated patio for the sweltering New Mexico desert heat? Our team of experienced construction professionals has worked on renovating patio projects for years, we have installed fixtures of all shapes, styles, and sizes! We’ve installed beautiful arcadia louvered roofs on patios that actually work like window blinds; they can adjust to perfect counterbalance the level of heat and sunlight! 

Rodeo Construction has been doing business in New Mexico since 2007, our 13 years of experience has been spent working tirelessly to create beautiful dream homes for our clients. Contact us to get a quote on your custom home project today!

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