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How do I know if a contractor is licensed?
You can do a search at for all New Mexico Contractors.

Should a contractor be licensed?
Yes, Absolutely. As a home owner or landlord always make the contractor show you their license, write down their license number and verify it with the above link.

What does GB02, GB98, EE98, and all that mean?
GB02 means the contractor can only work on Residential Building only. A GB98 is someone that works on Commercial Building only, to see more on this subject please visit

Should a contractor be insured?
Yes, Absolutely. It protects the contractor and it protects you as the home owner or business owner.

Should a contractor be bonded?
Yes, Absolutely. A bond’s primary objective is to identify contractors that have the ability, resources, and tenacity required to complete the construction projects they propose to build. Thus most of the process of obtaining surety bonds is devoted to information about the contractor’s business. A secondary but necessary element in the process is to identify individual contractors who have sufficient assets to hold the surety bond harmless from any claims filed against the bonds.

How can I be sure I am getting the right contractor for the job?
As this is the toughest decision to make, ask the contractor for references, and/or ask them for a photo gallery/website address.

How much should I pay a contractor up front?
As all contractors are different, but my recommendation is do not pay more than 50% upfront. Usually the best payment method is 33%, 33% and finally 34%, but it all depends on the project.

Do I need to pull city construction permits?
No, the contractor will pull all necessary permits.

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